Sunday, February 17, 2013

Focus on... Kent Jewels

Hi everyone,

I am really glad to announce a new feature in the blog: for about a week or so, we will focus on the jewels of one family or one individual. And this week - February 17 to February 24 - is dedicated to the splendid jewels in the Kent collection. 
Some of the jewels from the extensive Kent collection, current and former
I will be covering the jewels of the Duchess of Kent, Princess Michael of Kent, Princess Alexandra, as well as jewellery that once belonged to Princess Marina, The Duchess of Kent.

Because other posts will also be made, you can always consult this post for convenience; all jewels of the Kent family that will be written about will be listed here. 

Just two more things to say then. Firstly, this is not going to be a complete list of the Kent family jewellery; I don't think  it is possible to create such a list unless you are Princess Michael in disguise. And secondly, if you have any requests or suggestions for the next Jewels of the Week, send me a message! All suggestions, requests, pieces of advice and corrections are always welcome!

And finally, check out our regular Focus On... and Requests Sunday features! 

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