Monday, February 25, 2013

Focus on... Kent Jewels: Princess Michael's Cherries Brooch

This lovely Cherries Brooch comes from the collection of the Duchess of Windsor.
Princess Michael's Cherries Brooch
In its original form, it was actually a necklace that consisted of two rows of ruby beads with a large gold clasp at the end. From the clasp, two cherry pendants hang from several gold threads. The clasp also contained uncut emeralds and brilliants.
The Duchess of Windsor wearing the original necklace with cherries
Wallis received the brooch as a present from the Duke of Windsor. She occasionally wore it with her other ruby jewellery, or just on its own throughout the 1950s and 1960s. 
The original necklace of the Duchess of Windsor
The Duchess of Windsor gave the brooch to Princess Michael of Kent as a wedding gift, whilst Prince and Princess Michael spent their honeymoon in Paris in July of 1978. 
Princess Michael wearing the Cherries Brooch
During the same visit, Princess Michael received several other pieces from the Duchess. It was something of a “thank you” from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor due to the close friendship Prince Michael established with the couple. 

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  1. in this case i definitely looks best in the style worn by the duchess of Windsor especially on the black dress with little other jewelry...
    Just worn as brooch, it seems a bit....well....fake (imagine saying about a bit with rubies, emeralds and brilliants :-) )
    But it's lively that Princess Michael received several pieces of jewelry from the duchess as a gift..

    1. I have to agree; the brooch version looks a bit like a paste jewellery. The Duchess of Windsor's necklace, on the other hand, looked fabulous, if a bit too modern for my taste.