Monday, February 25, 2013

Focus on... Kent Jewels: The Flower Brooch

This lovely flower brooch is worn not by one but three different royal ladies.
Princess Michael's Purple Flower Brooch
The brooch is in form of a flower with five petals, with a diamond cluster in the middle and five pearls between the petals. It may be Kiki McDonough creation, although there is no confirmation.
Princess Michael, Queen Beatrix and Princess Maxima wearing their versions of the brooch
The Flower Brooch comes in different colours. Princess Michael owns the purple-colour brooch. Princess Maxima has the black version, while Queen Beatrix – the matriarch of the Orange-Nassau Family – appropriately wears the citrine version. 
The citrine and black versions of the brooch
I can see why Princess Michael, Queen Beatrix and Princess Maxima have all fallen for it: it’s a really lovely design and the bright colour just pops against any outfit.

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  1. I would love to see this in a ruby color with diamonds, I'll take one now, lololo.

    1. I wouldn't mind one in emerald green colour. This really is a lovely little brooch which will go with pretty much any outfit.

      Of the three versions, Princess Michael's is my favourite, but then I love everything purple.