Monday, February 25, 2013

Focus on... Kent Jewels: Other Hair Pieces

We have already discussed all the tiaras and bandeaus in the possession of the Kent family. Those pieces are The Kent Festoon TiaraThe Kent Aquamarine TiaraThe Cambridge Sapphire ParureThe Kent Diamond and Pearl TiaraThe Kent Diamond Circles BandeauThe Kent City of London Fringe Tiara, and Princess Alexandra’s Tiara and Parure. Now it's time to discuss a couple of other hair pieces in the Kent collection.

Princess Marina had several star pendants (they are also referred to as "orange blossom hair ornaments" but they look more like stars to me) which she occasional wore in her hair. They were almost certainly a gift from her mother, Princess Nicholas of Greece and Denmark. 
Princess Marina (left) and Princess Alexandra (right) wearing the star pendants, also known as orange blossom hair ornaments
Princess Alexandra wore the pendants in her youth in the same way as her mother - as hair pieces. It isn't known whether she inherited the pendants because Marina left very little jewellery to her daughter. It may also be that the pendants are no longer in the family because they hadn't been seen for ages. 

Lady Nicholas Windsor doesn't appear to have access to any of her mother-in-law's jewellery (not tiaras anyway), so she has to be creative. The pre-wedding celebrations of Hubertus, Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in 2009 presented the first surprise - an appearance of what looked like a sapphire tiara in gold setting. Unfortunately, it later transpired that the "tiara" was in fact a sapphire necklace which was sewn into Paola's hair. 
The sapphire necklace worn by Lady Nicholas as a tiara (top and bottom right), and a gold bandeau of unknown origin (bottom left)
Another royal wedding, another surprise: for the wedding of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and Princess Sophie of Isenburg, Lady Nicholas wore a diamond bandeau of unknown origin. Absolutely nothing is known about the jewel but it did look lovely on Paola. It also appears to be a genuine tiara/bandeau, and not another upturned necklace. 

If you are interested in Kent Jewels, you are in luck because we have been covering Kent Jewels the whole week. Why not check out the list of Kent Jewels already covered here (scroll to the end of the post)?

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