Monday, February 25, 2013

Focus on... Kent Jewels: Diamond and Pearl Festoon Tiara

My personal favourite tiara in the Kent collection is the Festoon Tiara. It is also probably the most recognisable one among the Kent jewels.
The Kent Pearl and Diamond Festoon Tiara
The Kent Festoon Tiara was created in 1900s by unidentified jewellers. Although it comes in a Cartier case, no records exist in the firm to confirm the connection. 

It is also not known how the tiara made its way into the Kent collection although in all probability, it was purchased by the Duke of Kent for his wife, Princess Marina.
The Duchess of Kent (left and middle) and Princess Alexandra of Kent (right) wearing the original Festoon Tiara
The pearl and diamond tiara is arranged as a series of graduated pinnacles of diamonds, each surmounted by a pearl. The original tiara was slightly “shorter” but Princess Michael later increased its height by an addition of a string of cultured pearls to the base.

The tiara quickly became Princess Marina’s favourite; along with her City of London Tiara, this was her most-often donned piece when posing for official portraits of photographs. Marina’s daughter, Princess Alexandra of Kent, donned the tiara from time to time before her marriage. 
Princess Michael of Kent wearing the Diamond and Pearl Festoon Tiara
In her will, Marina left this tiara to her younger son, Prince Michael of Kent. Since then, it has been worn by Princess Michael-only who seems to be particularly fond of this piece: she wears the Festoon Tiara in most of her official photographs.

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