Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Focus on... Kent Jewels: Princess Michael's Cartier Clips

One of my personal favourites among Princess Michael’s jewellery collection is the lovely necklace she sometimes wears on extra-special occasions.
The Pearl and Sapphire Necklace with Cartier Clips at the sides
The necklace consists of seven rows of pearls and sapphire beads, which incorporate two sapphire and diamond clips at the sides. The clips are detachable and can be worn as brooches or hat ornaments.

The clips are in traditional Cartier style and were created by the firm in 1931. The Duke of Kent purchased them for his wife, Princess Marina, in late 1930s.
Princess Marina wearing the clips together as brooches (left), and as hat ornament (right)
Marina was a big fan of sapphire jewellery and occasionally wore these jewels, together or separately. She donned them not only as brooches, but also as hat ornaments..

In her will, Marina left the clips to her younger son, Prince Michael of Kent. Princess Michael is a big fan of sapphire jewellery as well so we occasionally see these pieces in action, so to speak. Marie Christine wears them separately, together, or most often, incorporated into her sapphire and pearl necklace.
Princess Michael wearing the clips incorporated in a necklace (left), one of the clips separately (middle), and the two clips together as brooches (right)
One of the most notable occasions she wore the necklace to (with clips) was the wedding of her son, Lord Frederick Windsor. 

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  1. Not a bad article per se. I cant refrain from making two comments, though:
    1) On more than one occasion (in other articles, as well) you mention that Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent left a certain jewel to Princess Michael. This is simply not possible as Princess Marina passed away in 1968 and Marie Christine von Reibnitz didn't marry Prince Micahel untill 1978, 10 years later. I guess you understand that the two ladies most probably didn't even know each other ;) The jewels were left to Prince Michael, who either loanes them (technically) or has given them to his wife ;)
    2)Princess Marina's sapphire clips are among my favs and I've tried to find more information about them without much luck. Where did you read that they were made in 1931 and bought by Prince George in the late 1930s?


    1. Hello Bobby! Thank you for your valuable comments.

      1. As I had started earlier, by saying "Princess Marina left a certain piece to Princess Michael, I obviously mean Marina left the jewel to her son whose wife now wears them. It's just simpler to say the former than the latter.

      This said, to avoid any confusions in future, I shall soon amend the articles to make the transaction bit a bit clearer.

      2. The answer to both questions is from Cartier archives (which I had been honoured to have partial access to some time ago). That Prince George gave them to his wife is a logical conclusion. :)