Sunday, February 17, 2013

Focus on... Kent Jewels: Princess Marina’s Girandole Earrings

We have already discussed Queen Elizabeth’s beautiful girandole earrings, and now it is turn for their equally stunning cousin – Princess Marina’s Diamond Girandole Earrings.
Princess Marina's Girandole Earrings
This gorgeous pair is made in a classical girandole design, which was developed in France in 1700s and named after the crystal-pendant candelabras of the time. It went out of fashion in early 19th century but then underwent a period of a renaissance during the revival of Rococo styles in late 19th century.

This earrings are estimated to have been made around 1770s in France. They consist of a detachable pear-shaped diamond pendant surrounded by old mine-cut diamonds with pendants on either side. The earrings are quite long - about 8,8 cm long - and are mounted in silver.

These earrings were once favourites of the Duchess of Kent; she wore them on many of her portraits, often accessorising the earrings with another breathtaking jewel from her collection – her Diamond Bow Brooch.
Princess Marina wearing her girandole earrings. In the picture on the right, she also has her Diamond Bow Brooch on.
The earrings were a gift to Princess Marina from her mother, Princess Helene of Greece (born a Grand Duchess of Russia). It is suggested (bot not proven) that the earrings once belonged to Grand Duchess Vladimir who was famous for her fabulous jewellery collection.

After Marnina's death, this pair was auctioned off at Christie's, in part to pay for the inheritance tax (in case you don't know, Britain has ridiculously high inheritance tax - 40% of the entire estate left by the deceased).

This is quite possibly my favourite pair of earrings of this style. You can see how huge they actually are from the portraits, and I daresay this pair was not the most comfortable one to wear. But the sheer beauty of it is worth any inconvenience, as I am sure Princess Marina agreed. 

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