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British Royal Jewels: Queen Elizabeth’s Antique Girandole Earrings

This amazing pair of earrings has an unverified provenance. The reason why I post this entry immediately after the five necklaces (you can find links to them at the bottom of this page) is simple: the Queen almost always wears this pair with one of those necklaces.
Girandole Earrings
That makes me believe the earrings have Saudi or other Middle Eastern/Arabic origin as well. She has had this pair since at least late 1970s, which corresponds to the time she has received three or four of the necklaces so it is possible the earrings formed a demi-parure with one of them.

The earrings are in classic girandole style: three oval-shaped diamonds suspended at the bottom, with the centrepiece diamond slightly lower than the other two. Between the three large diamonds nest five two smaller stones, and above them three smaller brilliants form an arch connecting the two larger stones on the side.
The earrings worn with Khalid Necklace (left), Even Fringe Necklace (Middle) and Faisal Necklace (right)
The style was developed in France in 1700s and was named after the crystal-pendant candelabras of the time. It went out of fashion in early 19th century but then underwent a period of a renaissance during the revival of Rococo styles in late 19th century.

As mentioned above, the Queen predominantly wears this pair of earrings with the Saudi necklaces. However, she has also worn them in combination with other jewels (picture below). 
The Earrings worn with Fringe Necklace and Kokoshnik Tiara
These earrings are among the Queen's most favourite ones for state events. Just like the necklaces, they go with virtually any outfit and suit any jewellery. I am not sure I like its combination with fringes though (the Fringe Necklace and Kokoshnik Tiara).

Have a look at the five necklaces:
King Faisal Diamond Necklace

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