Sunday, February 17, 2013

British Royal Jewels: King Khalid Diamond Necklace

The second of the five necklaces we discuss today is also of Saudi origin. This beautiful fringe necklace was presented to the Queen by King Khalid in 1979, during Her Majesty’s visit to Saudi Arabia.
King Khalid of Saudi Arabia Diamond Necklace
King Khalid Necklace also shares similar provenance with King Faisal Necklace as it was made by Harry Winston as well, in 1978. The Saudi King bought it a year later as a gift for the Queen's upcoming official visit. The Queen has since worn it quite often, including for a film première in 1982, visit to France in 2004, and a visit to Malta in 2005.

The Queen wearing the necklace for a film première in 1982 (left) and during a visit to Malta in 2005 (right)
The necklace is made in sunray design with brilliants, marquises and pear-shaped diamonds in fringe-like setting. It's in a classic style that compliments virtually every type of jewellery and goes especially well with the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara which is in a similar style.

The Princess of Wales wearing the necklace in early 1980s
The Queen loaned the King Khalid Necklace to the Princess of Wales in early and mid 1980s. Since then, however, she has been the sole wearer of the necklace. And she wears it quite often; in fact, it is one of her most frequently worn diamond necklaces for state/official occasions.

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Information and Photo Credit: Hugh Roberts' "The Queen's Diamonds", Leslie Fields' "The Queen's Jewels", The Royal Collection.

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