Friday, April 5, 2013

Jewel of the Day - April 4: Queen Elizabeth wears Pink Sapphire Brooch

The Queen donned one of her rarely-seen brooches, the Pink Sapphire brooch, for a visit to Mars Chocolate Factory today. The brooch is composed of a pink stone in a diamond frame, surrounded by large round diamonds with small brilliants between them. More on the brooch here - The Queen's Pink Sapphire and Diamonds Brooch. 
Queen Elizabeth wearing the Pink Sapphire Brooch on a visit to Mars factory
Don't forget to check other jewels worn by Queen Elizabeth in 2013 (so far), which includes a handy "Leaderboard" of her brooches! At this point, the Gold Dahlia Brooch is in the lead, although the Pink Sapphire just climbed up to a joint second place. 

A couple of words about the actual visit. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were given a tour of the Mrs Chocolate UK's headquarters in Slough. They were also shown the plant where the Mars bar was first produced and Maltesers was invented. The royal guests learnt about the technology used to turn raw cocoa beans into the finished yummy product.
The Queen with some of the employees of the factory in Slough
Fiona Dawson, president of Mars Chocolate UK, took the Queen on the tour of the headquarters and said after the visit: that it had been "one of the most exciting days at Mars Chocolate UK since we first opened the factory in 1932."

As a chocoholic, I just have to say: why, why not me? I'd have so much fun there. In fact, I'd probably apply for permanent residence at the factory.

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