Wednesday, March 20, 2013

British Royal Jewels: Queen's Gold Dahlia (Frosted Sunflower) Brooch

The Frosted Sunflower Brooch is one of the Queen’s favourites, and one of the few pieces especially designed for her.
Frosted Sunflower Brooch
The brooch, also known as the Sunflower Brooch or the Gold Dahlia Brooch was commissioned by Garrard & Co in early 1970s. The brooch is made of gold in the form of a sunflower or dahlia. The centre of the brooch and the petals are adorned with 31 diamonds; the largest diamond is in the middle and is surrounded by nine smaller pear-shaped stones.
The Queen wearing the Frosted Sunflower Brooch through the years; on the left is the first occasion she has worn the brooch to in 1975.
Her Majesty often wears the brooch with pastels, or with tonal yellow outfits. One of the first occasions Queen Elizabeth wore the brooch to was back in 1975, at Carriage and Fair competition in Berkshire. 
The Queen wearing the Frosted Sunflower Brooch in recent years
This didn't use to be a favourite of the Queen’s until 2000s. However, it has certainly become a firm favourite since then and was probably one of her most-worn brooches of 2012. Notable appearances include the Queen's Christmas Message 2010, audiences and investitures at Buckingham Palace, visit to Northern Ireland in 2012, and of course, during her "Annus Horribilis" speech. 

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