Friday, April 5, 2013

Danish Royal Jewels: Queen Ingrid's Diamond Stars and Pearls Tiara

The Stars and Pearls Tiara is a historic piece connected to Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Royal Houses. It is now in possession of Princess Benedikte, Queen Margrethe’s younger sister, and has become one of her trademark pieces.
Queen Ingrid's Diamond Stars and Pearls Tiara
The tiara consists of diamond-encrusted stars and pearl pendants, all nesting on diamond settings. It is believed to have been made in 1850s by unknown craftsmen. Although most tiaras of similar design feature detachable pearl and/or star pendants, the pendants in this one cannot be removed. 

The Stars and Pearls Tiara originally belonged to Sofia of Nassau, Queen Consort of King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway. She had received it as a wedding present from her brother Prince Adolphe, Duke of Nassau (later, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg).
Queen Ingrid wearing the Diamond Stars and Pearls Tiara
Sofia gave the tiara to her daughter-in-law, Victoria of Baden, wife of Gustaf V of Sweden. In her will, Queen Victoria specified that the tiara should be inherited by her only surviving granddaughter, Princess Ingrid (the only daughter of Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden). 

When Ingrid married Frederick, Crown Prince of Denmark (future Frederick IX), the tiara made its way into the Danish royal collection. Ingrid left the jewel to her second daughter, Princess Benedikte. 
Princess Benedikte wearing the Diamond Stars and Pearls Tiara
Benedikte has worn this tiara numerous times. In fact, it is probably her most-worn piece. She also sometimes lends it to her daughters, Princesses Alexandra and Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg. The Princess has also lent to Carina Axelsson, the partner of her only son Gustav, on several occasions.

While that may seem somewhat unusual – unmarried partners of royals don’t usually get any sort of recognition, are not invited to official events, and certainly don’t get to wear royal heirlooms – it is important to remember Carina has been accepted by the entire Danish Royal Family as Gustav’s de facto wife. 
Princess Alexandra (left), Princess Nathalie (middle), Carina Axelsson wearing the Diamond Stars and Pearls Tiara
Gustav and Carina are not able to get married because of conditions of the will of Gustav’s grandfather, but otherwise, she has been welcomed into the family. Among other things, she is one of the godmothers of Princess Athena (the only daughter of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie). 

Sources and picture credits: RJWMB, Royal Jewels (Danish documentary).


  1. Very pretty tiara and being a lover of pearls I would love to try this on. What ever happened to Carina? Last I read she was in Germany for a book signing in late October and then nothing, not even her usual Christmas fair? She did look pretty wearing it and hope it stays in the DRF.

    1. Not sure about Carina: there hasn't been any information on her for months. I do hope she and Gustav are still together.

      As for the tiara, I believe it is the personal property of Princess Benedikte, so unless she leaves it to the Queen, Frederick or Mary, it will leave the main royal line.