Friday, March 15, 2013

Focus on... Camilla's Jewels: Diamond Necklace and Earrings

One of the most-worn necklaces in Camilla’s collection is this gorgeous necklace and matching earrings.
The Diamond Necklace
The necklace is composed of pear, marquise and oval-shaped diamonds of varying sizes. It alternates between two rows of larger diamonds and three rows of smaller ones. The ear pendants consist of seven pear shaped diamonds. The largest diamond hangs from the centre. 

These jewels, like many in the Duchess’s collection, were purchased by her husband. Prince Charles bought a diamond tiara for the specific purpose of creating a stunning necklace for Camilla. Whether the earrings were also made from the stones of that tiara or they are just a well-matched pair of an entirely different origin, isn't known.
The original tiara purchased by the Prince of Wales
The Duchess of Cornwall has worn the set extensively over the years. It’s basically her go-to piece for all official events, when serious diamonds are required. And it is easy to see why: it’s a timeless piece that is really versatile and goes with virtually every outfit. 

Among the many occasions the set was worn to were State Banquet in honour of President Obama, official dinners during visits to Spain and Denmark, dinner during the official visit to the United States, Royal Variety performance, and many others. 
The Duchess of Cornwall wearing the diamond necklace and earrings for various events
The earrings are timeless classics in their own right. In addition to wearing them with the diamond necklace, Camilla also occasionally dons them with other jewels or just on their own. 

The most notable instance was probably the Banquet for Commonwealth Heads of Governments in Uganda, in November of 2007, when the Duchess chose to wear these earrings with the stunning Boucheron Tiara and all five strands of the Greville necklace. 
The Duchess wearing the diamond earrings on their own (left), with Saudi Emerald Necklace and Boucheron Tiara (second left), Boucheron Tiara and the Greville Necklace (second right), and with her diamond snake necklace (right)
I absolutely love this set! The necklace reminds me of the Queen’s Faisal, Fahd and Khalid necklaces with their beautiful and classic design, while the earrings are absolutely breathtaking in their own right. 

Remember, this whole week is dedicated to the Duchess of Cornwall’s jewellery collection. You can always check out jewels already covered here.

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