Friday, April 5, 2013

Jewel of the Day - April 4: The Queen wears Boucheron Aquamarine Clips

Queen Elizabeth wore her Boucheron Aquamarine Clips at the reception celebrating the British Film Industry on April 4.
Queen Elizabeth wore the Boucheron Aquamarine Clips today
The clips were an 18th birthday present to Princess Elizabeth from her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother) in 1944. They are made of aquamarines and diamonds, and in a typical 1940s design combine baguette, oval and round stones. More about the clips here - The Queen's Boucheron Aquamarine Clips. 

Don't forget to check the other jewels worn by Queen Elizabeth in 2013 (so far), which includes a handy "Leaderboard" of her brooches! At this point, the Gold Dahlia Brooch is in the lead, although the Aquamarine Clips aren't far behind!
The Queen receives BAFTA from Kenneth Branagh
And a little about today’s reception. Her Majesty received an honorary BAFTA from Sir Kenneth Branagh in recognition of a lifetime of support of British film industry. Queen Elizabeth was also hailed as the “most memorable Bond girl yet” for her starring role during the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. In case anyone has forgotten, the Queen did a short film with Daniel Craig, which involved her adorable corgis and the Queen parachuting from helicopter into Olympic Stadium (well, OK, the actual jumping was done by a stint double). I am totally jealous. Not of the BAFTA, not even of the clips (although I do love them): Queen Elizabeth got to receive the award from Kenneth Branagh. Sigh. Some people just have it all. 

Meanwhile, and this is a special treat for all the history lovers amongst you, the Royal Channel released several historic clips which were shown during the reception. 

The first video shows part of the procession through London to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee on 22 June 1897. This was the first public event involving Queen Victoria to be recorded on film. 

The second one is Queen Victoria and her extended family, including the Russian Imperial Family. It is the first film to include members of the Royal Family and was made at Balmoral Castle on 3 October 1896. 

And finally, the third video shows Winston Churchill and his wife relaxing with the royals, including the Queen and Prince Charles, at Balmoral Castle during the summer of 1952.

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