Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dutch Royal Jewels: The tiara Maxima will wear for the Inauguration

After the somewhat unexpected abdication announcement of Queen Beatrix, preparations are well underway for the Inauguration Ceremony of her son and heir, Willem-Alexander. While every detail of the service will be of great interest to me, one of the things I really want to know is which tiara Maxima will don for the day.
The Stuart Tiara
The magnificent Stuart Tiara
Traditionally, the Consort has no role during the actual ceremony apart from sitting on a throne next to the Monarch. However, I am quite certain the new Queen will do her best to sparkle on the day, without overshadowing the King. 

The Dutch Royal House has a great number of historic jewels and Maxima has had a good use of them, having worn no less tan fifteen tiaras since her marriage in 2002. So which one will she choose? The magnificent Stuart Tiara which hasn't been seen in ages? The Pearl Button Tiara which Queen Beatrix wore for her own inauguration? One of the Mellerio Tiaras? The Wurttemberg Tiara? The possibilities are aplenty but thankfully not endless. 

The likely ones:
Possible ones:
The outsiders: 
Over the next week, I will write about these tiaras individually. Some have already been covered and as more are written about, I’ll add them to this post so that you can always find them without difficulty.

Personally, I'm really, really rooting for the Stuart Tiara (the entire parure, really); if someone can pull it off nowadays, it's Maxima. How magnificent would Queen Maxima look in it? But if one of the “outsiders” makes an appearance, I’ll probably sulk for the whole day. Maybe even week.

Tiaras already covered:

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