Friday, April 5, 2013

Moroccan Royal Jewels: Lalla Salma’s Ruby and Diamond Tassel Set

Lalla Salma of Morocco has one of the most amazing jewellery collections in the world. It may not be the largest or the grandest, but it’s certainly among the most beautiful, tasteful and original ones.
Lalla Salma's Ruby and Diamond Tassel Set
The ruby demi-parure the Princess debuted during the incoming state visit from France is definitely one of the highlights of that collection. I can’t call them the grandest piece the Princess owns though because, in my opinion, that distinction belongs to her dazzling emeralds which I’ll cover later.

Salma’s ruby set consists of a necklace and earrings. There may be other pieces to the parure since usually such suites include bracelets and/or rings as well.

Both the necklace and the earrings are in a tassel design. The necklace is made of large oval rubies in diamond frames that sit in a choker-like setting. From them, a number of diamond tassels hang, nine of which have smaller oval rubies suspended at the end. All are set in yellow gold and platinum frame.
Lalla Salma wearing her Ruby and Diamond Tassel Set during the Banquet in honour of the French President
The earrings are quite similar in style. They feature a single oval ruby in a diamond frame, from which three diamond tassels hang. The longer one in the middle is diamond-only, while the two shorter ones on either side have small rubies at the ends as well.

I am not normally a fan of modern jewels but this (along with most of Lalla Salma’s jewels, come to that) is definitely an exception. I love rubies, chokers and tassel style, so frankly I couldn't dislike it even if I tried.


  1. Being a redhead, this is soooooooo beautiful. I love rubies, pearls, amethyst, garnets and diamonds and will take any of them if given to me. She looks gorgeous with that red hair and rubies. Pretty lady for sure.

    1. I agree, Lalla Salma looks amazing wearing rubies. But she looks even more gorgeous with her magnificent emeralds (I really must make a post on them one of these days): the combination of her red her and the bright green of the emeralds looks simply stunning!

    2. This is the first picture I have seen of her, she is so very pretty and sweet looking. If you find a picture of her and the emeralds please post, I like the Queen of Norway's emerald tiara, that takes my breath away. Thank you. Elizabeth

    3. Well, that's my next Requests Sunday sorted. I'll cover both the Norwegian Emerald Parure and Lalla Salma's emeralds. Just to give a taste of what to expect in the latter case, a picture of the Princess wearing some of her emeralds. How utterly gorgeous are those earrings?

  2. Hello Artemisia<
    Oh did I find some pictures of this beautiful lady and the jewels blow me awway...far away. And the goodness gracious they are so darn beautiful on her. Saw 2 pictures of 2 different necklaces and then another with a different ruby necklace. She does have some very beautiful jewels doesn't goodness, I still can't believe it. The one ruby necklace was much smaller, just a round necklace with no dangles on it, and those long ruby and diamond earrings, wonder if she would let me borrow them? Don't think so, does her husband give her all these I wonder, and with that red hair and that beautiful complexion, well she looks like a peaches and cream lady from Britian to me. This is one stunning woman and she sure can carry off the jewels.
    Thank you for letting me see all this.