Thursday, April 11, 2013

British Royal Jewels: The Queen's White and Rose Gold Flower Brooch

This lovely brooch is one of Her Majesty’s rarely worn pieces and appears to be a recent addition to her collection.
White and Rose Gold Flower Brooch
The brooch is in form of a flower: the two blossoms and one of the leaves appear to be made of pink gold. In the centre of each blossom there is a pinkish orange stone (possibly topaz) surrounded by brilliants. The rest of the brooch is in white gold adorned with small diamonds.

It was seen for the first time during reception for the Heads of State during hte Olympic Games. She then wore it during the incoming Indonesian State Visit in 2012. Both events were in 2012. The last (to date) appearance of the brooch was during the Investiture Ceremony at Windsor Castle on April 10, 2013.
The Queen has worn the brooch to three known occasions: to a reception for Olympic Heads of State in 2012 (left), during Indonesian State Visit in 2012 (middle), and during an investiture at Windsor Castle in 2013 (right). 
The Queen has a number of similar-looking flower brooches but this one hasn't been seen prior to 2012. It is thus possible to have been a Diamond Jubilee gift. Then again, it could have simply been among the never-before-seen jewels that accumulate dust in the royal jewellery vaults. Last year, most of Her Majesty’s more prominent brooches were on the exhibition, so perhaps she decided to pull out a new one from her collection.

It's a nice brooch but certainly not my favourite among the Queen's jewels. It just doesn't stand out from the rest of her collection. It's been worn only once this year (so far). If you want to see the list of the other brooches and jewels worn by the Queen so far, have a look at this post - Jewels worn by Queen Elizabeth in 2013.

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  1. This is so pretty and elegant. I love rose gold and diamonds together...they look just elegant. I always find my favorite queen looking her best when she wears soft colors that bring out the beautiful complexion of hers, the soft pinks and peaches with pearls and diamonds really make her look beautiful.