Thursday, March 28, 2013

Egyptian Royal Jewels: Queen Nazli's Diamond Rose Necklace and Clips

The stunning set was commissioned by Queen Nazli of Egypt in 1938. 
Queen Nazli of Egypt's Diamond Roses Necklace
The demi-parure consisted of a necklace that featured two large roses and several leaves, pave-set with diamonds and in a platinum frame. There were also matching dress clips which could also be worn as hair ornaments. 

Along with quite a few other stunning pieces from the Queen’s jewellery collection, this set is believed to have been sold while Nazli was in exile in the United States during the reign of her son, Farouk I. Unfortunately, because of Egypt’s somewhat turbulent history, it is very hard to trace the fate of most of the royal jewels. 

Nazli Sabri was the Queen Consort of King Fuad I of Egypt. The marriage, which she was forced to enter not to compromise her father’s position (he was Minister of Agriculture and Governor of Cairo) was a deeply unhappy one. 

For most of her married life, Nazli was confined to her quarters and allowed to attend mostly ladies-only events in public. There were also stories of physical and psychological abuse the Queen suffered at the hands of her husband. 
The Diamond Rose Clips
After the death of King Fuad, Nazli became the Queen Mother of Egypt when her son, Farouk I, ascended to the Throne. Although initially the relationship between the mother and son was a cordial and warm one, things turned sour when Princess Fathia – Nazli’s youngest daughter – married without the King’s permission. Nazli was deprived of all of her styles and titles, as well as most of her properties. Another reason for such a harsh punishment was Nazli’s conversion to Catholicism. 

I just adore the necklace and clips. They are breathtaking, aren't they? Hopefully, the set is in someone’s private collection, still in one piece.

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