Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Russian Royal Jewels: The Diamond Rose Brooch

This beautiful Russian Rose Brooch bears more than a passing resemblance to Princess Mathilde’s Tudor Brooch we have just covered.

The Russian Rose Brooch
The Rose Brooch never belonged to a royal or even a nobleman; in fact, it is fairly recent, having been created in 1970 in Moscow by two jewellers, Viktor Nikolaev and Gennady Aleksakhin. However, it is said to be a replica of an earlier 19th century piece that allegedly belonged to one of the Romanovs.

The brooch is made of 1466 diamonds of exceptional pure colour and clarity, all of Russian origin. They are set in platinum frame, which only enhances their sparkle. 

I suppose it is cheating to include this second rose and there is only one justification: I absolutely it. Both of them, in fact. 

Picture and source credit: Christie’s, “Jewels of the Romanovs: Treasures of the Russian Imperial Court”, Bernard Morel.

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