Sunday, February 10, 2013

Italian Royal Jewels: Queen Margherita of Savoy's Pearl Earrings

The Diamond and Pearl Earrings were a gift to Margherita of Savoy from her husband, the future Umberto I of Italy.
Queen Margherita's Pearl Earrings
Perhaps for sentimental reasons, the Queen loved these earrings. Their classic design complimented nearly all jewels so Margherita had a good use of this pair.

Queen Margherita wearing her Pearl Earrings as the Princess of Piedmont (left) and as the Queen Mother (right)
Quite often, she would wear the earrings with elements of her fabled Emerald Parure (which contained pearls as well), especially when she was wearing one of her pearl tiaras. Although the original parure had a pair of earrings, they were rather bulky and uncomfortable to wear, which is why Margherita probably had them dismantled. 

Queen Margherita's statue in Bordighera
Margherita wore the pearl earrings throughout her life; in fact, they had been such a signature piece of the Queen’s that even her statue in Bordighera is wearing them. 

These earrings, along with a sizable portion of Margherita’s jewellery collection, were bequeathed to the Queen’s daughter-in-law, Elena of Montenegro. Unfortunately, these earrings appear to have been sold as well, probably along with the corsage ornament or the emerald brooch. 

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