Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Jewellery Gifts

The Buckingham Palace has published the list of gifts the Queen has received during her Diamond Jubilee year, and it includes several pieces of jewellery:
The Queen wearing the BJA brooch at Sandringham in December of 2012
- Parure of jewellery: necklace, earrings, ring and bangle from Amir of Kuwait (November 2012).
I'm guess we'll see this parure next time there is a state visit from Kuwait.

- Diamond and platinum brooch from British Jewellers’ Association.
We saw the Eternal Dove Brooch worn for the first time during Christmas in Sandringham.

- Ornate dagger and Sharyak brooch from President of Kazakhstan.
Can't wait to see this one! At least, we won't be in the dark in regards to the brooch's provenance.

- Precious stones from President of Namibia.
I'm guessing diamonds and agate. Hopefully, they'll be used to create some new jewels.

- 60 pieces of onyx and ancient Yemeni silver jewellery from President of Yemen.
Onyx is unlikely to be used for jewellery and the ancient silver ones will probably be exhibition pieces.

- A wrist watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre.
We'll probably see this worn quite often as the Queen likes the brand's watches; she wore one at her coronation.

- A brooch from the President of Singapore
Made of gold and diamonds, it is in the shape of a Bird of Paradise.

- Two seashell necklaces by the President of the Marshall Islands.
We are highly unlikely to see this one worn, and I'm not sure I want to see any Queen wearing seashell necklaces anyway.

Other female members of the Royal Family received gifts too; the Countess of Wessex and the Princess Royal both got parures from the Kuwaitis. What the Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge received will be known when Prince of Wales' annual report is published.

Of all the gifts, I'm most waiting forward to seeing the Kuwaiti parure because I'm sucker for parures.
Other non-jewellery gifts including a lama (kudos to whoever presented that for originality: I can just picture the Queen trying to figure out what to do with a lama!) and of course, the most notable gift - renaming part of  Antarctica "Elizabeth Land".

To be completely honest though, I was expecting a bit more bling gifts. I mean, it was her Diamond Jubilee! Hopefully, more gifts will pour in this year - the 60th anniversary of her coronation.


  1. Llamas make excellent companions for horses.

    1. The Queen has apparently donated the lama to a zoo though, which was probably a wise decision.