Friday, January 18, 2013

Jewellery Gifts Received by Female Royals in 2012

The Buckingham Palace has already released the list of gifts received in 2012, and now the Clarence House has followed the suit. To view the list of the Queen's jewellery gifts, have a look at this post - The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Jewellery Gifts.

Below are the jewels received by other female royals. In case of the Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge, the list includes only gifts received on overseas tours; it is more than likely they received other presents too, for example from foreign dignitaries on state and official visits to Britain. It is, for instance, virtually certain that either or both of them received parures from the Amir of Kuwait (as both the Countess of Wessex and the Princess Royal did).

Gifts received by the Duchess of Cornwall
- Beaded medallion, a medallion, a pendant, two brooches from unspecified individuals
- Two shell necklace from the people of Boera village (Prince Charles got two of those as well)
A Brooch from the Governor of Papua New Guinea
A Brooch from the Premier of New South Wales

Gifts received by the Duchess of Cambridge
- Unspecified jewellery from an individual
- More unspecified jewellery from an individual
- A selection of earrings from an individual
A pendant necklace from an individual
- Unspecified jewellery from the Malaysian Minister of Home Affairs
- A twin-set necklace of South Sea pears from Rosmah Mansor (wife of Malaysia's Prime Minister)

Gifts received by the Countess of Wessex
A parure of jewels (necklace, earrings, ring) from Amir of Kuwait
A designer watch (could be a gift to either the Earl or the Countess of Wessex)

Gifts received by the Princess Anne
A brooch
A parure from Amir of Kuwait

Other (bling-free) gifts include a model canoe, a model aeroplane, a bio fireplace, an autographed hockey shirt, dog bandanas, decorated emu egg, two lollipops, bamboo flutes, mounted cow horn, personalised number plate (“HARRY” for, obviously, Prince Harry), and a lot of books. 

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