Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dutch Royal Jewels: Princess Maxima's Diamond Drop Earrings

Princess Maxima is one of those lucky ladies who has a huge collection of jewels at her disposal, thanks to the tradition of sharing in the House of Orange-Nassau. From tiaras to earrings, she likes to dazzle on every occasion.
Princess Maxima's Diamond Drop Earrings
My favourite pair of earrings of the Princess may be a private property though because I have never seen any of the other Dutch Royal ladies wear it (mind you, that doesn't prove they never actually did).

The earrings are made of platinum and hold five large diamonds and a number of smaller brilliants. Three pear-shape diamonds are suspended from a large platinum oval fame adorned with brilliants; in the middle of the oval, an oval-shaped diamond is placed. The platinum ovals ends with a bow on the top, which itself is suspended from a round diamond.
The earrings worn for Princess Victoria's pre-wedding concert (left), for Prince Albert of Monaco's civil wedding (second left), at a film première in 2011 (second right), and during state visit to Singapore (right)
One of the first occasions Maxima wore the stunning diamond drop earrings was to the Royal gala at the Stockholm Concert Hall the night before Crown Princess Victoria married Daniel Westling. Another appearance was on November 21, 2011 when the Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima attended the première of the film Nova Zembla in Amsterdam. Back then, Maxima wore another stunning and rarely-seen piece of jewellery – Queen Emma’s Aigrette.

Maxima also wore the earrings for Prince Albert's civil wedding. Most recently, the lovely jewels made an appearance during State Visit to Singapore on January 24, 2013, when she paired them with Queen Wilhelmina's Diamond Hair Comb

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